A Fairy Tale for You

The theme is nothing ordinary. A princess  named Massa run away from her obligity and live among commoners. Even so, she still be the centre of attraction. Men are falling for her, including Wolf. He’s a young man dreamt to go to war and become a hero. He always think he’s strong enough, though he’s just a brat. If he made great honor for the kindom, he would be granted a princess to marry. But, since Wolf meets Massa, his goal has changed.

Massa has a way to eliminate those people who wants to marry her. She would only receive a man who can defeat him. Fortunately, she’s good enough at fighting so she has made men crying.
The time to go to war has coming and Wolf doesn’t want any regret. He challenges Massa and win. He promise to get back alive.

Like I said, this is a simple story with a simple clean art. Nothing’s special, but if you like to read it you can get it from Shoujo magic and mangadownload

My Rating: chick218


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