Tina the wind up toy

Tina is a toy living in Wind-up Island. She always starts her day spinning other toy’s screw.

Everybody knows each other in that island. That’s why Tina so surprised to see a young boy at the ancient water fall. She has never seen him before. And the most shocking fact is that he has no screw! Wow. Tina has never seen anyone with no screw before. This is a toy island, so everybody should have it.tina3
He calls himself a wanderer. He takes away from society because he feels different. Somehow, Tina feels the same way, because she has no parents, unlike anyone in the island. Tina wants to get close with the wanderer so that no one of them feels lonely.

This is a simple story with cute drawing. I read it in Nakayoshi a few years ago, but now it’s already released in 3 volumes of Tankoubon. The lesson from this story is that none wants to be alone. And if you open your heart, more hearts came through.

My rating:chick327

You can download this manga from cireus scanlation


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