Nurarihyon no Mago

I already downloaded this manga from mangashare few months ago, but then my laptop crashed, so I never had a chance to read it. Sorry.This is a great manga, funny and fantastic. You might also wanna check jun scan for the latest release.

Youkai existence is undoubted.The master of all spirit is called the supreme commander of youkai.

Nura Rikuo is our main character here.He’s the grandson of nurarihyon,the supreme commander of youkai. for a 9 years old boy, he’s way too naughty. He spread his pranks everywhere and tricks every youkai. Rikuo plans to be the next leader as soon as his grandpa retire. He adores Nurarihyon so much.
But, can he be the successor since he’s only HUMAN???? He was born from a human mother and a youkai father. This position makes other great youkai doubt him.

He goes to school and lives among human. It’s bigger problem, right? For us human, Youkai is something we feared of. We exterminated them in the shrine. BUt, from Rikuo’s point of view, youkai are the good guys. Child nowdays even refuse to believe youkai’s existence.
This become more problematic since his grandpa points him to be the third commander taking his job. Rikuo, like any other kid, doesn’t want to be abandoned at school.
So, how’s he going to get through this?
The art is clear and strong. It’s amazing remembering that we’re looking at spirits.

My Rating:chick58


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