Saijo no Meii

Ever since Saijo Mikoto saw a video of his operation while he was just born, he dreams of becoming a great surgeon. He adores the doctor so much so he wants to surpass his skill. Mikoto becomes addicted to medical studies. He was able to stich his right hand at the age of 10, even though he’s a right handed. Dr.Shindo, the man he admires, believes that he has more knowledge than average doctors.
10 years after that, Mikoto has finished his study in US and gets American’s MSA Award (most skilled amateur doctor award). and now, the prodigy kid is coming to Japan..saijou

This is another manga about medical life. You might not going to be so surprise, after reading God Hand Teru, Dr. Koto or Iryu (Team Medical Dragon), but this one is fine too. There’s much humor inside and the art is beautifully strong.
You can download this manga from snoopycool

My Rating: chick58


4 thoughts on “Saijo no Meii

  1. Saijo no Meii is a very good story
    I want to buy and learn it.
    because my hope is want to be a doctor like Mikoto Saijo
    So… I must study hard from now

    thank you for you all. . .

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