Dragon Voice

Perhaps, I should read this manga a long time ago. I didn’t like feminine boy character like this. It seems sissy. Ha ha ha

But, this manga came out at the good time. 2001 was the golden year of boy band. It was the great moment when you can see 5ive, Backstreet Boys and N’Sync from the west. That’s awesome for the country that prefers instrumental/voice skill more than just look. Well, isn’t that a boy band to us? Looks. He he


What about in Japan? I guess we can recall SMAP and Kinki Kids. I wasn’t Japanese boy band’s fan at that time. You know the reason: Yamapi was still a junior.lol. But, now I watch NewS, Arashi and Kat tun. And my favorite boy band is Kanjani 8 because they always make me laugh. What a great entertainer!



Anyway, the manga tells about Rin Amami, a 15 years old cute boy (bisshie) who dream of becoming a professional singer. He was born from a great singer mother.

Rin almost loses hope because his voice is so terrible that make people angry. But, when he meets the new idol group, Beatmen, Rin feels like his passion asking him to reach higher.

Beatmen’s agency director seems attracted to Rin’s unique voice. He tells him that voice like that is called Dragon Voice.

What’s the dragon voice and can Rin reach his dream?


My Rating: chick419

PS:If you’re wondering what kind of song does beatmen choose for their debut, you can download “STATE OF SHOCK” here

Kakkoi…I wish someone make this manga into a dorama and the one who play Rin should be……Jin???? he he he…


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