Hajime no Ippo Gaiden

| Release: 2008
| Mangaka: Morikawa Jyoji
| Status: complete (One shot)

I’m currently crazy about Hajime no Ippo. It’s weird, because I don’t like boxing at all. he he. But, Morikawa sensei can blend this hard sport story in a humanitarian plot.03

So, this is the extra from that long series. In this one shot, the main topic is my FAVORITE CHARACTER, Takeshi Sendo.


This story begins when Sendo has already become a delinquent juvenile. His teacher is so worry about his future because all he does is fighting. Lately, he’s been fighting a lot of guys at once so he starts thinking about new strategy to get them down. He’s very childish, I think (but, I love him!!!). Though he’s trying to be cool, he always think about people around him, especially his granny. hmmm…..

Sendo come to a big question: “What does it mean to be strong?” It’s the question not even the teacher could answer.

You are highly RECOMMENDED to read this “cute” story on ignition one *seems like the group deleted the site*

It’s about fighting

it’s about finding your goal

it’s about young man’s first love

My Rating: chick58


One thought on “Hajime no Ippo Gaiden

  1. Do you have an English version of the oneshot? I have been trying to find it but I can’t. He’s my favourite character too so I want to read it.

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