Sailor Fuku ni Onegai (Sweet God)

Hinagiku’s homerun is a blunder for her today. The ball she hit crashes a little temple.



Thank God she doesn’t break the mirror inside. But, when she touches it, the sacred mirror disappears. As the result, Hinagiku starts to see weird things like frog lanterns along her way home, little fairies on cabbage sale and white snake on her dining table. When she walks in the dark, invisible evildoers are trying to hurt her.Thank God, Koma and Shishi act fast to help her.

They are komainu (guardian dog) in the little temple. They follow Hinagiku because since she touched the mirror, Misato God’s spirit had chosen her to be his place for a while. So, now Hinagiku has to do God’s tasks. Hmm..Like what? Some of them are making kekai(shelter) for protection and eliminate evil spirit.

Her life could never be crazier!!!!

You can download this funny manga from kyonpyon

I must admit I was wrong judging the title: Sweet God. I thought it’s about cake. Ha ha ha..(yeah, I really like Yakitate! Japan). But,this manga is nice. The slices of humor blend in magical world perfectly.

My rating:chick419


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