Kunimitsu no Matsuri

Politics are dirty, but it’s hard to change it. One you jump into political stream, you have 2 choices: to go with the flow or stick to your idealism.

The fact is people seem to be easier going with the flow than protecting his dignity. It means doing dirty stuffs like corruption and nepotism become technical knowledge.


This reality shocks Kunimitsu. Raised as a tough guy by single mother, he’s been dreaming to change Japan! His firsr step stone is being a politician assistant. He had to fight a lot of people who underestimate a high school graduate like him.

But, the bigger problem is his boss financial condition. If this Meyer to be can’t get money to apply for election, his opponent would win easily. Kunimitsu knows that his superior is wise and honest, that’s why he tries all he can to support the good politician!

This politic manga ends in volume 27 and download is available at Aku Tenshi

My rating: chick218


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