Konjiki no Gouache (Konjiki no Gash Bell)

On top of his boredom, Kiyomaru hates school. He’s a genius, so none dare talking to him. He has no friend! This worries his parents so his father gives a present for his 14th birthday. It’s a boy carrying a red book.

“This kid would be troublesome”, that’s what Kiyomaru thought. But, he’s challenged to read the mysterious book. He’s never seen such letters before.


There’s nothing special about this manga, anyway. The story about God’s election rings a bell to you? Ha ha ha

It’s like Raising Moe and Law of Ueki compiled together. But, there are lessons we can get from this story. Well, for me, they are:

  1. If people don’t greet you, greet them!
  2. Just because we don’t understand someone, it doesn’t mean he’s difficult
  3. Challenge is the key to erase your bore days

You can download this manga from anime destiny

My Rating: chick327


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