The heptagonal mirror is a door connecting real world and magic world. Airi has been given the mirror by her grand mother without knowing the function.


One day, a child comes out from that mirror. He’s Aram, the 2nd prince of Araster Magic World. He escapes from his brother’s spell. The curse make him grows older whenever the light’s out.

As a refuge, Airi takes care of him the spell can be broken for a while by the kiss of the girl, like in the frog tale. It means that Aram can go back to his normal size if the girl he likes kisses him. In this case, Aram chooses Airi! But, even after the kiss, he can still turned back growing if darkness arrives.

Airi’s dream and peaceful life is going to be ruined as more people from magic world cross the mirror. Ha ha. Wanna see the crowd?  You can read this funny story on one manga.

You can also download it from sweet lunacy or translation text


My rating:chick419


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