Diamond Pretty

The two new transfer student, Okada and Shinsuke, appear in trouble in their first day. Teacher critizes the way they dress.
One day, Okada is going to get scolded for her appearance. But, Jun Sakiya helps him. They were stranger to each other, but soon they become friend. When they go to the same class, they realize that both of them have the same special feeling.

Their story is getting crumbled as Shinsuke join the triangle love. And on top of that, Jun has to get back to Indonesia where his parent lives.

I don’t like the story for being so lame. the idea is not fresh. But, since the mangaka mentioned Indonesian culture for a bit, I thought I had to read it. Perhaps the mangaka never went to Indonesia so she describe the country as a barbarian and rough one. Well, it’s completely wrong. But, you have to come there to proof it yourself!
My Rating:chick12
original review by fe@silva21


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