Koi Koi Country Road

Yamada Sawako, an energetic girl catch a guy today. Shw as chasing a frog when that animal step on Ogata Shinichiro’s back. Ogata, the new transfer student in the village, hands her the frog.


They’re happen too be on the frog couples stones. According to the legend, when a man gives a frog to a lady on that spot, they’ll get married. In other word, it’s a proposal ritual in the village.

Well, Ogata’s hard day is about to begin as Sawako keeps chasing him. Plus, everyone in the village has already declare them as husband and wife to be.

This is a sweet funny and romantic story. I read it about 6 times. There are a lot of humor inside, so it can covers up the art (it wasn’t bad, but not smooth)

My Rating:


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