Me o Tojite Ai

Saori and Ryuichi runaway to save their feeling. Their escape left big hole in Nanae’s heart. She’s in love with Ryuichi, but that guy only sees her sister, Saori. Her parents become more strict than ever. They are afraid that Nanae would follow Saori’s step; pregnant before married.

Few years after that, Nanae has a chance to visit them. But, there’s only Ryuichi and his son there. Saori and Ryuichi had split. It breaks Nanae’s heart. How’s she suppose to react?

original review by fe@silva21

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2 thoughts on “Me o Tojite Ai

  1. my heart seems to be broken by just reading the synopsis because i cannot imagine the feeling of a person seeing the person that she loves splitting with another person that she has loved all her life… it must be excruciating sad.

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