Tsukudajima Pirate

Sumida River lies in side of the city gives life to many sailors. Hotori’s family was fishermen there back in Tokugawa’s era. As the time changes, Tokyo Bay creates new opportunity to people like them. That’s how entertainment boats born.

Though she’s poor, Hotori’s boat, TSUKUDA YA, is always be the fastest and the most reliable transportation in Sumida River.

One day, a bog man fall from the bridge and crash into Tsukuda ya. That man, an ex-pro wrestler, Morihashi Hiroto has to pay what he broke. Hotori is so happy to have strong help. This way, her dream of finding Tokugawa’s treasure might become true!

I know that entertainment boats exist in Japanese rivers. But, I just never really read the story about it. It’s almost like Gondola, but they also serve food, karaoke and other fun things. I must admit the idea is fresh, though the plot is quite rough.

Muraeda sensei draws clearly and firm. It’s also funny. He develops such unique characters. I love it!

My Rating:


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