Full Spec

4 kids with big dream start to build a car since they were just 7 years old. Now, after 10 years they finally succeed making it run. Chinta the designer, Bunyan the mechanic and Arata the driver, plus Maki-chan who always stick with them, are so proud of their new car.

Challenge starts coming, as people get excited to know more about the old car with great machine.

The series will be released in 4 volumes. It’s another race manga I read after Initial D! you’ll like it.

My rating:


4 thoughts on “Full Spec

  1. well, apparently there’s no scanlation group working on this project so far.
    let’s just wait, ok?

  2. owh
    in malaysia, i only found it in mangga that need to buy.
    i really like, but just a few episod and gone.

    dont know what happen.

    1. hmm..that’s bad. Could it be that the series is not very popular there?
      I can’t found any scanlation version either. I hope somebody would take this project later.

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