Last Inning

How much is the chance of a weak baseball team to go to Koshien? Which team can join the prestigious competition, is it the one who wins 99 times (1 lose) or the one who loses 92 times and only wins 8 times?

Well, Poppo can explain it well. As long as the team wins 8 times in a row, they can go to Koshien.

So, Who is Poppo? And why does the headmaster call him to coach the weak Saigaku team?

His short career as brilliant salesman sent him to jail. His director betrayed him. Now he has to take all the responsibility for selling illegal stuffs. He has no money, no freedom, nor dignity. Only his high school baseball coach comes to visit him and pay the bail for him. But, it’s all not free! In return, he has to be the new coach.

Let’s see Poppo’s unique training!

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Download would be available at endless abyss


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