Kensei Tsubame

This manga is just like Hikaru no Go in Kendo. Too bad! The idea is too similar and even the character resemble. But, the art is good and for people who want to know Kendo, this manga can be a nice tutorial.

It started 15 years ago when Yamagami Tatsuhiro, a kendo master, realized that the world of Kendo is lacking new potency. He decided to ask help from legendary swordsman, Mushashi Miyamoto. But, some thing’s wrong! He’s not only calling Mushashi’s spirit, but also many other great warriors. Their spirits flew finding the right person to possess.

Sakaki Kojiro decides to be with Kamoshita Tsubame, a delinquent student, after seeing his spirit in a fight. But, Tsubame doesn’t like kendo since a kendo kid beat him few years ago. Sakaki tries to persuade him because he has hidden agenda: he wants to fight Mushashi Miyamoto, his eternal enemy, once again. He believes that Mushashi must be possessing great Kendo player.

The series end in 11 volumes.

The raws are available at rawscan

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3 thoughts on “Kensei Tsubame

    1. well, unfortunately, there’s no group claimed on picking this series, yet. I’ll keep searching, though.

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