what happen when Tezuka Osamu sensei and Naoki Urasawa sensei work together? Well, there must be complicated mystery and Robots!!! ha! This is the proof: PLUTO.

Set in future where human and robots live together. Not really in peace, actually (kinda remind us of Atom Boy, right?). Somehow robots blend in human’s life and taking greatest part of it. They are entertainer, secure making and mostly become our friends.

But, robots are still machine. They have no capacity in delivering emotion. That’s what make the two species different. Some people are excepting them as human’s companion and the other rejecting them because they somehow too dangerous for us.

Well, the conflict get exciting when 3 of 7 magnificent robots destroyed by mysterious “thing”.  Both of the side are suspicious of each other.  The killing involving no traced of human, while robots are programmed to be harmless for human. so, who’s the killer?  and what is Pluto they’ve been talking about?

You can get it from mangaddicted

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