When I visited Snoopycool last month, i decided to try new mangas. So, this is one of them.

Furuchi and Mineta are secretly in love with each other since high school days. But, the reunion day brought new light for them. They finally confessed to each other. It was a wonderful surprise, right? So, they decided to start dating.

Unfortunately, Furuchi got car accident on her way to their first date. And SHE’s DEAD! But, Mineta never found the body. What surprise him most is when he hears the news, the door bell rings and Furuchi is in front of him. It shocks him


It seems like she doesn’t realize that she’s become the undead (aka zombie). There’s no way to turn back time, but Mineta loves her so much. He tries to slow down the decomposing process.

From my view, this is a romantic story..what do you think?

My rating:


What do you think?

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