Gekka no Kimi

There’s a game called maple leaves game. When you wish on those leaves and then throw them, they will land on your true lover. One of Hikaru’s leaves slip into lady consort’s room. She will become his father mistress. But, Hikaru has set his heart on her. Since they can’t be together, Hikaru starts his life as playboy.

Hikaru in modern era appears inside Hazuki. Since he met the new transfer student, he can’t stop thinking of her. His hands are shaking everytime he looks at her. His best friend gives him the Tale of Genji to help him. It’s the perfect guide for those troubled with true love!

Shoujo magic and Aerandria have worked on this manga

I’ve heard about Tale of Genji from some literatures, but never read it. It’s obviously a beautiful story. I would like to read the original myself. But, for this moment, Shimaki Ako sensei’s interpretation is enough!

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