Open Sesame

After his parents dead on accident, Ruka loses his home. His grandma hates him. So, he decides to run away.
It was a rainy night when Kisaragi Takuma found him on the street. He took Ruka home. In return, he asks Ruka to help his job. Takuma manages a kindergarten!

Ruka couldn’t smile at first. But, the kids’ laugh and Takuma’s warmness slowly melt his broken heart.

He finds himself a home now.

When I read the title I thought this manga is about magic. Lol. Well, I always like the theme about looking for comfortable area. I think we’re all ever face similar situation. Sometimes we have to take extreme steps just to be happy.
I’m just afraid that this story about Ruka and Takuma would turn into yaoi. Ha ha ha. It’s not, but almost.

My Rating:


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