The Madonna of a flower Crown

Legends start when people believe. The story compiles some legends and myths into one.

At the 16th century, Leonardo Da Vinci lost one of his masterpieces, The Madonna of a flower crown. The secret lied inside it involving wealth, treasure and love.

Another legend talks about an Emerald Lion Sword. It’s believed that anyone posses it would be become the ruler of Italy. Unfortunately the sword has been missing for years.

By the myths as its background, Madonna of a flower Crown put Leonora as the center of attraction. Born as beautiful as man can imagine, Leonora is finally matched to marry.

On her wedding day, Prince Napoli crosses by and unveils her. He falls in love in instant. She reminds him the painting Leonardo Da Vinci made. Soon, Leonora realizes that her husband is also aftering the secret behind the masterpiece. She chooses to run away.

Accidentally, she hit the Prince and they’re going on journey together to reveal the truth of all legends.

This is absolutely a love story. Some historical backgrounds really exist. The art…well…it’s Saito Chiho sensei’s drawing. What can I say?

I found the cute picture from Lili’s Shoujo Manga page. You can get better information there!

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