Ariadne at Midnight

Chiyoko Wataya never expects to meet again her childhooc friend, Chiharu Kyuuga. They are even going to the same class.

Chiharu is a small non assertive girl, but she has huge curiosity. One day, she sees Chiharu’s umbrella left on train. She follows him to return the belonging. But, the tailing leads her to dark secret.

I personally like this manga for the heroine character. Although she’s short, she’s cute and smart. The story is quite bright, too. In many stories, if someone is so inferior, he/she’ll be bullied. But, here she’s accepted well. I love it. That’s how a school should be.

The art is drew clean and clear, too. That’s a good point, so it worth…

You can download it from starryheaven


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