Throbbing Midnight

Having boyfriend should be a fascinating esperience for a girl. But, Ranze doesn’t feel that doki doki thing with Aron. Instead, she often imagines Shun Mashiba’s face. He’s the new transfer student.
Shun comes to see her father to talk about spiriut world. The truth is he’s a spirit prince sent to earth for special mission.

Yah, for those who likes Throbbing Tonight, you might wanna check this out! The series have reached the 8th volume. Would it be as long as the last series (30 volumes)? Ha ha

My Rating: 


One thought on “Throbbing Midnight

  1. hey, your rating should be more than that!
    well, I haven’t read them all yet, however, i really fond of Throbbing tonight. Hello….. the idea’s so perfect! and i bet, so is throbbing midnight… 🙂

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