Junkyard Magnetic

What is more important for a father: his daughter or a sacred demon stone? This stone captivates human’s hearts, so they’ll do anything to get it. It’s because the stone gives super power to those who posses it.

Crown’s kidnapped together with a mysterious prince who doesn’t even have noble appearance. On their escape, they meet her father. He’s been blinded by passion and trying to take away Crown’s demon stone.

This manga should be nice and simple, but Murayama sensei tries hard to make it complicated. Nice try! I felt asleep reading this manga.

My Rating:


3 thoughts on “Junkyard Magnetic

  1. Aaah~ Nice Cover! Seriously, I love this manga!!! Though I only read up ’till Volume 4…..
    How many Volume does it have and have it end yet?

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