| Release: 2005

| Mangaka: Katou Motohiro

| Status: ongoing

CMB from Motohiro Katou sensei is not so different fron Q.E.D. or Rocket Man. In this series, Nanase Tatsuki is our heroine. Born from simple father and rich mother, she tries hard to behave like a princess. It means she has to pretend to be fragile and weak at school. She’s actually a smart and tough girl.

Her curiosity brings her meeting Shinra Sakaki (he’s Toma’s cousin in Q.E.D. read vol.29), the director of Shinra Museum. Though he’s just her age, he’s very knowledgeable. Together they crack cases around them.

Sakaki Shinra treasures 3 rings he uses as necklace. The rings belong to the fathers, great curators Queen Charlotte trusted to secure knowledge. They passed the rings to their outstanding student over generations.

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