Beauty Pop

What makes people the center of attention?

The face!

One of the most important part in face make up is your hair. The style makes image of you in people’s eyes.

Hair Stylist is the one who has magical hand to create fantastic appearance for you. Like our heroine here, Koshiba Kiri. She may looks like normal high school student. But, she has great talent lies beneath. Her parents own a beauty salon. That’s why she’s so good at it.

Though she never expose her skill, she likes to help people fixing their appearance. Soon, her masterpiece is recognized by the SP Club. It’s the club consist of 3 artists: Narumi, the hair stylist prodigy, Ochiai who’s the son of cosmetic products and Kei who wants to be the nail artist. Narumi feels that Kiri could be his rival.

If you ever read Arai Kiyoko sensei’s work, you’ll know how sweet the art she draw. The plot is fine and more humor has been involved in this manga.

You can download it from dragon voice or enchantment

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