Hoshi no Harmony

I’ve downloaded this manga a long time ago from gold lilies. I read the book when I was in High School. Yes, you can see I’m a big fan of Kyoko Hikawa sensei.

This is a story about Wada and Yukiko. They are classmates, but having such a different character. Yukiko is a super generous girl who often being used by her friends. She can’t say no. on the other hand, Wada is a strong assertive man, sometimes too outspoken that he could say harsh thing. But, Wada is in love with Yukiko’s beautiful heart. He’s the kind of man who can’t deliver his feeling appropriately. He often scolds her, so Yukiko thought Wada hates her.

On this summer, all misunderstanding should be cleared!

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5 thoughts on “Hoshi no Harmony

  1. I’m so late but i want to know…where i could read this story in internet???please tell me..^_^

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