Suzuki Rin is such a poor girl. After her grandfather died, she’s all by herself. She decides to go to Tokoyo to meet her mother. But, she’s on her way to stardom and she doesn’t need a teenager daughter ruin her life. Her mother, Suzuki Miyu, is a popular model who lives alone. Rin is invited to live with her.

One day, she disappears, leaving such a big contract. Her management, Asaba office, is completely dizzy. The director decides to ask Rin working as a model on behalf of her mother. This is how her career started. It wasn’t easy at first. She’s tall but tomboyish. It’s hard for her to get a job. But, Asaba Tetsu, the son of the director, is always there to support her.

This manga is quite simple, only 7 volumes. But, I think it’s a very good story. It’s straight and has a good plot.

You might want to read it. try esthetique!

My Rating:

this review is translated to English version by sakuramochi. Original review is written by fe@silva


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