Team Medical Dragon

Ryutaro Asada is a genius surgeon. Unlike his other colleagues who strife for better position, Asada sensei doesn’t care about rules. What’s important to him is the patient’s health. This delinquent attitude is hated by medical society. He’s isolated!

To improve his skills, he decided to join UN force as medical back up. Kato Akira Sensei saw his performance and amazed! She decides to invite him helping her thesis back in Japan. Asada is unemployed thanks to his reputation, so this is a good offer. They’re trying to perform Batista surgery, the most sophisticated heart’s surgery. But, first he needs a great team, team Medical Dragon!

I didn’t know they had this manga when I saw Teppei playing Ijuiin, a young doctor in Team Medical Dragon dorama (He was awarded as best supporting actor for thatone). I thought, O GOD, the doctor is HOT!. He he he…

Anyway, the manga is kinda like God Hand Teru. So if you like medical story, this is something you can put on your reading list.

You can download this manga from nexgear

This manga is worth


2 thoughts on “Team Medical Dragon

  1. I love this manga very much(but I live in thailand I cannot find this manga anywhere in thai (Noone has translated it))
    (but I read some in english version and I watch the dorama)

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