Kimi ni Todoke

How would people react in front of a scary looking girl? They tremble.

Suwako had this nickname since a long time ago: “Sunako”, the character in horror movie. Despite of her horrible appearancem she has motto of one good deed every day. Unfortunately, people can’t always see her good intention. But, Kazehaya kun is different. He treats her like a normal person. Suwako respects him so much that he thought there’s a sprinkle of love between them.

I was in high fever when I read this story and I’m touched. I cried between 4 pages. I think the heat makes you more sentimental. I rate this

Well, what do you think about the story?

I found it in manga temple


4 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke

  1. Heh. I couldn’t stop the tears too no matter how hard I tried – I had just read ch00-02 together and was SO TOUCHED. There is someting special about the sillines and honesty that is to a certain extent, like real school life. I don’t get why, but I loved it. If it gets licenced, I’d definitely buy it. (And they better do a good job at it too!)

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