Densha Otoko

Are we living in injustice world? How can an otaku being dismissed from normal life? Yamada is the kind of otaku you meet on the street. You’ll ignore him just because he looks like a nerd. Well, he’s weird, but it doesn’t mean he’s no good, right?

Hie life is suddenly changed after he saved a beautiful lady from a drunkard in a train. Yamada tries many things to captivate her heart. He gets help from people in an internet forum. But, finally he realizes that he’s just lying to himself.

This is a very famous beautiful story. They also made this into box-office movie starred by Yamada Takayuki and dorama with the same title.

Well, the art is not the best drawing you’ll ever see, though. I rate this You can find this manga in waffle house


What do you think?

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