Fusuma Land

Udagawa Kachiko is probably the last specimen they have in this modern era. She’s stiff and conventional, while Mayoko Hazumi, her roommate, is the modern type of girl. As the traditional Sakura park highschool turned into two dormitories: St. Marion for girls and St. Andre for boys, Kachiko thinks the true virtues of the school have changed. Modernization creates new thought in those students. And she’s the only one who sticks to the devotion, honor, discipline, academic diligence and harmonious comradeship, as her grandma did. It means no night clubs, bars or game centers.

Hmm…what happen when this maiden falls in love? Her target is Makimura Seiya who often works as student uniform’s inspection with her. But, she’s out of confident since Mayoko is always making her depressed. One night, Mayoko holds a pajama’s party in their room. Kachiko has to evacuate. She finds tea room is comfortable enough for her night. She even gets herself a cat as friend. But, before she can fall asleep, she hears sounds like spell. When she tries spelling those words, the sliding door opened and she jump into strange world. In that world, the cat turns into Seiya. Well, he looks like Seiya Makimura. Who is he? And what is this world inside the closet?

You really have to read this manga. It’s hilarious. I can’t stop laughing!

You can get this manga from wingtip cafe

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One thought on “Fusuma Land

  1. comedy? it sounded so serious at the beginning! i like the drawing in the pic u posted.

    will keep this manga in mind.

    pls visit my blog and feel free to comment!

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