Innai Kansen

Iori Sawamura is a brillian surgeon, while Yagi Tomoya is a married physician. They often sneak in a comatose patient’s room. Yup, they’re having affair. They’re in love, for sure. But, one day, Iori had him as his patient. Hitting while driving in speed, Tomoya falls in coma. In exchange, the coma boy in the room where they used to make love has awakened. He’s now after Iori.

You can download it from Fantasy Shrine

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4 thoughts on “Innai Kansen

  1. hmm…I can’t find anyone scanned that manga. is it good?
    actually I tend to pick something with good drawing, and more humor. Ai no Kusabi is a tragedy, right?
    My favorite is Tsuki wa Yamiyo ni Kakuru ga Gotoku. it’s funny!!

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