Mugen Kidan

It’s been 4 years since Masaki left his hometown. He never wanted to get back.

He was just a small boy when his mother took him to their hometown after his dad passed away. He met Shunsuke, his best friend-to be, there. Well, their beginning was not smooth. Shunsuke used to bully Masaki because he’s lack of manliness. But, they found that they have the same interest on train.

One night, Masaki saw the boys sneaked out to the forest. It’s believed by the villagers that on snowy nigh, the demons are having party. Whoever invited to that party would get their wish granted.

Masaki and Shunsuke dreamt of having train walk through the village. They promised to search for the party. But, on the night of promised, Masaki got his heart disorder’s attack, so he had to be moved to Tokyo right away. He didn’t even have chance to say good bye to his best friend.

Now, Shunsuke is dead. Leaving their dream unfulfilled. Masaki just has to make it up for his best friend.

This is supposed to be a mystery manga, but I feel it more like friendship story. It’s not frightening at all. I think Miyuki Takahashi sensei need to be braver on drawing more details.

My Rating:


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