Sora no Kuni kara kita Tengu

Yukina lives with her father Elfriedo in an old temple. Her father is an artist. One day, they see a shooting star that end in Yukina’s bed room. As the dust disappear, a little boy who looks like daifuku smiles at them. He’s called tenten. That’s how tenten lives with them.

Who would have thought that a cute tenten is actually a tengu (jinnie) who come to earth in special mission?

All stories I’ve read before describe tengu as a bad looking creature with long nose. But, it’s not here. You’ll be amused by sweet drawing of beautiful appearance tengu. Takako Shii sensei seems like ikemen so much. She’s not really good at making girls. But, that’s ok. This is Shoujo manga, right? We need more cute guys around.

When I first read it (probably 2-3 years ago), I was disappointed with the stupid plot. But, I read it again yesterday, and I find it more interesting. Hmmm…does this means that time can change your perception? lol

My Rating:


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