Ahiru no oujisama

Being born as an ugly duck, Shiratori Reiichi experienced the worst school days. Girls feel him disgusting and boys intimidate him. Summary, his life is miserable. Only Yumiko treats him nicely and warm.

Yumiko has a dog named mister. But, the truth is he’s a prince witched as a dog. When Reiichi helped him on a car accident, he gave him the best present. Reiichi was in coma for almost a year and when he woke up, strange thing happen. He woke up as a swan. His family is very exciting with his brand new look: tall body, sparkling eyes, and great hair. His 3 sisters taught him to be an ideal man.

He moves into new school to start a new life. He thought his days as a loser has end. But, in the new school he meets Yumiko and mister. He’s very pleased. It’s his chance winning her heart.

People say: easy to get, easy to lose. The spell has one mischief. Every time Reiichi thinks about Yumiko, he turns back into his ugly appearance. Ha ha ha

This is another crazy manga from Morinaga Ai sensei. I’m starting to like all kind of stuffs she wrote, though all of them seem pretty extreme. Hurry, you can download this piece from manga temple

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