Sleeping beauty

Kanna got this box from her grandfather. When she opened it, there lied a cute boy. His name is Motoi, an android. His mission is to protect her. She’s so surprise! I mean, how would you react if you find a cute boy in the box sent to your house?

I think her grandpa is a very considerate and funky person. He sends her this “stuff” so she won’t feel lonely. She’s the type of girl who look strong, but actually very fragile.

Kanna tries to contact her grandpa, but he’s going abroad for few years. Now, she has a puppy android to be taken care of.

Don’t you think it’s kinda like “Zettai Kareshi”? Anyway, this is the type of story where the heroine surrounded by a lot of ikemen. And she gets dizzy choosing the right guy for her, while she forget that the one who love her the most stays next to her.

You can download this manga from bokutachi

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