Initial D

Having such a legendary racer father, Takumi grown up with the desire of becoming one too. His father may lose many things: career, wife and life, but he keeps his AE86 in good shape. Takumi is often using it to deliver food, so he becomes great at it.

Opportunity comes with challenge and Takumi’s ready to be amateur mountain racer.

You can read this manga from gap

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One thought on “Initial D

  1. erm… so far i’ve only read two volumes on this title(initial d) but i’m a BIG BIG BIG fan of this series so i just watched the anime series, stages 1-4 and all the additional “side” stories

    anyway, fujiwara bunta is portrayed as “a man who lost his career, life and wife” only in the movie, i’m not sure bout the manga but in the anime they never mentioned anything bout bunta losing his wife

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