Alice 19th

“You can’t have courage without conflict”


Alice and Mayura are sisters, but everyone’s always looking for Mayura more than Alice. She feels abandoned by her parents and people at school. She doesn’t eve have the courage to confess her love to Wakamiya senpai. She’s often got bullied because she has no guts to refuse.

One day, Alice saves a rabbit in traffic crowd. The rabbit sees her bravery and left her necklace of the 19th Lotis. It makes her a Lotis master that she can have power in her word.

When her sister and Kyou Wakamiya senpai are going out, Alice is suddenly lost all her courage. Somehow she’s pushed saying words she wasn’t meant to. Her silent is only bringing more wound for people around her. When Mayura finally realizes how she feels, she gets jealous to her. Mayura let herself sink in her dark heart. Alice and Kyou are trying their best to save her. It won’t be easy though….

This manga tells us about how to grow up mentally. You can’t be strong if you never fight. There will be no light without darkness. It’s just the same like there will be no day without night.

You can get this manga from manga temple

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