“Is someone who doesn’t go to school not allowed to have dreams?”

Geez…I love this dialogue. Is it true? Once you did something wrong, you’ll never seen right by others.

It was Kouta’s fault when they made love in the class room. Next morning, all school have already know and they call Sawako a slut. Kouta doesn’t even care and try to save his own ass. She’s been bullied ever since and none care till the point she stops going to school. It’s too painful. She finds her catharsis way by drawing manga. And she’s really good at it.

Most people think that others don’t care about them. It’s true. How can you hope of compassion when everybody’s busy fighting their own battle. We’re all have power inside us. We can be strong without begging a person’s caring.

This is a very constructive manga showing how poor education can protect children. Reading this makes me remember many of school’s doramas such as GTO, Nobuta wo Produce and Seito Shokun. And I’m wondering whether it’s really happening in reality in Japan? I don’t get it, because I never experience anything like that. Well, it does also depend on student personality, right? Here’re some recipes for not getting bullied: be strong on whatever good capacity you have. Then, believe in yourself. You don’t have to beg them to love you, love yourself and they will love you.

Anyway, you can download Vitamin from storm in heaven

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