Love Vitamin

Love could be the greatest vitamin of all. You can get energy just thinking about the one you love.

This is summer and it means beach! But, Komori Mihoko is kinda feel bad about it. She can’t just walk by with bikini because her skin is so white. It makes her embarassed. She feels like a snow demon in a summer. So, she choses not to swim. But, she meets Tsuchiya who works part time in the beach. She had a crush on him a long time ago, and she still has the feeling.

She gathers all her guts to ask working with him. Her summer has begins…

This is one of my favorite love stories. It’s so simple and I don’t know…I read it many times. I even imagine Tsuchiya as Mocomichi, because it’s the character name he played on Gokusen2. lol.

My Rating:


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