Jyuki Ningen Jumbor

After all the disasters crashed the world, human are still find their way to survive. Baru’s the leader of construction team of a tunnel. All the construction is the battle against nature. It means so much to keep people alive.

But, this is not merely about constructing. It’s also involving politics between countries, betrayal from underlings, Boring and bring-back-to-live creation. Captain Baru fought against King Genber’s army who wants to stop his construction. And he died. 5 years after that, he’s awakened as new person…as a kid. Dr. Docult has armed him with new shovel which has incredible power.

But, things changed. His motherland Dovork has fallen and his troops were annihilated. Boring has become the head of construction team which doing more destructing than constructing. Baru has a new mission: to get the prosperity back as he promised his loyalty to Dovork.

I thought Jumbor really resemble Gamon, the Demolition Man. He-somehow-looks cool and keep the faith in doing his job. The art is much more similar, too. I don’t hope too much.

You can find this manga here

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