Failed at History test, Rikugo Tokidoki has to do make-up homework during his spring vacation. So, he visits museum exhibit about Edo period. It was built digitally to simulate Edo’s era back then. They provides goggles so you can see the place just like the hystory. It was OK, until he meets a monkey faced monster on a bridge. A man stands before him and asks “what is this thing we call nothingness? Before Rikugo understands, the creature has take its move and attack him. Thank God, he’s saved by a woman carrying sword. Then, He realizes he’s not wearing any goggles, but how come everything looks so real? The houses, the sky and the blood from his left eye?

When he wakes up, he finds himself with Shinonome, a delinquent schoolmate. He says they’re trapped in that world.

I got this one from hanami

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