4-Ban Third

Having the name of Shigeo Nagashima is hard enough. People always expect me to be as good as that Mr. Giants. But, I don’t even have the talent. One day, I stuck in some weird shop. The owner offers me God Bat. He said it can hit any kind of ball. But, I have to put money in my right pocket to make it work. Well, though I’m broke, now I can answer their hope. We’re going to Koshien!!

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2 thoughts on “4-Ban Third

  1. aoyama gosho ! u re so dilligent ! u can make comic so wonderfull .. it’s make my heart so “dig-dag-dig-dug” bcaus more cool mistery in there ! i fans u ! i love u! i want to add ur friendster , aoyama san ? can i get ur e’mail friendster please ?

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