Holy Talker

Demons are existed in this world. They searched for sinful human, and then eat their souls. As the world becomes more chaotic, their presence is something we can’t be ignored of.

The hero here is Takayama Renga(15) who lives alone with his sister Moegi after their parents died. Since she is the only family he had, he become sister complex and tends to be overreact if anything happen to her. He joins an exorcist organization to vanquish demons. Along with Kagayama Suou and Kinoshita Noshime, Renga completes task as exorcist under the name of Sheishirayuri School’s vanguard division. They are the chosen people who are able to manipulate ‘chalice’.

So, what is The Chalice anyway? It’s an holy object looks like a bowl used to seal demons. It made of Holy Mother’s blood and would become human’s last hope to be free from evil spirit. Moegi is the descended holy mother. So, they need her blood to make the chalice.

Everything starts stranger when Amakusa Chitose is transferred to their school. He can heal his wound. He survive after being attack by a demon forcefully. And he has the black wing with super power so he can defeat demon easily. Who is he? Will he be ‘the bishop of salvation for Holy mother’? Or ‘the secondary leader of the fall’?

Interesting? For those who likes Get Backers might think this one is cool, because this piece belongs to Ayamino Rando sensei.

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You can laso read it on one manga

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