When he was just a child, Hachibe Maeda had been fond of Sunny, an anime character. He builds his mind of ideal woman based on her appearance: straight legs, bright eyes, big breasts, and anime-like sound of voice.



summary, he’s fetishist!


So he goes to Tokyo dreaming of meeting that woman based on those criteria. He meets 4 ladies; each has different part of his favorite. As they start to live in the same dorm, many things happen.

If you like Midori no Hibi, you should read this, because this one’s also Inoue Kazurou sensei’s work. Pretty funny! But, I couldn’t laugh out loud (don’t know why). It’s a dark comedy.

You can download it from Mushashi quality or snoopycool

The other alternative is Mako scan who has completed the project (12 volumes lenght)


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