Pretty Face

Due to fatal accident, Randoh Masashi’s life has been up side down. He was reported died on that accident. But, actually, he was just in a coma for a year. When he wakes up, his face has been changed into the face of the girl he likes, Rina. Wow! This is amazing and depressing at the same time.

Thanks to that stupid plastic surgeon who change his face according to the girl’s picture he kept. He’s trying to find his parent so he can show him his real picture. Unfortunately, his parents thought he’s died, so they move away to ease all the pain.

He suddenly lost all his hopes when he meets Rina on the street. Out of nowhere, Rina hugs him. She thinks he’s her lost sister, Yuna. They do look alike since they were born twins.

Masashi has no idea whether it’s a good thing or not. But, now he can live in the same roof with his ideal girl. They are even share the same bed.

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