Saionkoku Monogatari

I was not interested in this manga till my friend drunk of it.

I peep on her laptop while she watched the anime. Well, the art is great. And she smile by herself, so I think it’s pretty funny.

Well, this is a fantasy manga with demons and knight who fight them. His name was Sagen, and soon he build his empire after defeating those demons. He is the first emperor of Saionkoku. This is the story after Sougen died.The country still lives peacefully.

Shuurei is our heroine here. She’s a hard worker and friendly girl.

Her family is having a hard time financially, so she has to work here and there to get the ends meet. She’s actually the member of high status family, but her father is so undependable so they have to live poor.

When Shao-taishi, the famed prime minister offers her high paid job, her adventure begun. She has to educate the emperor to be proper king. Well, that won’t be an easy job!

The wallpaper belongs to my friend isis , mimichi tachikawa and laleth25

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One thought on “Saionkoku Monogatari

  1. thanks for putting my saiunkoku pic in your blog… i really love this anime. its so cute politics plus romance..

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