Rubbers 7

There is a convenience store named Rubbers 7. The owner, Munenori Tounomoto, is addicted to ping pong. He will solve any problem with that game, whether it is fighting or shoplifting.

Hiromi was caught in shoplifting and lose the game, so he has to work with no pay in that shop. Now, a reckless deviant school girl, Natsuki, is framed into a shoplifting by a perverted office man. She is not even bothered to explain the real situation to Munenori, so he challenges her on a ping pong game.

This is an interesting story with cool mobster, gay bartender, stupid high school boy and talented careless girl, and of course ping pong (the best way to solve any problem). Lol

I find it in mangatemple

My Rating:


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